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I went to the Netherlands to absolve a tattoo-school in Amsterdam. I was always curious about the art of tattooing and I am also convinced that tattooing and graphic design enrich each other. As far as I experienced design, it is always the process of understanding something, somebody, a play, a subject – anything – as accurate as possible and then visualize it. So graphic design can translate a corporate identity or the content of a novel for example into a visible image. And tattooing can do the same thing, but quite more closely to a person, more intimate and personal.

So I was supposed to tattoo my tutor at the end of this 15-day course. He is this huge guy, who reminded me instantly of a cougar. Also because he had definitively something of a wild animal; I found that rather appealing. Also he told me about this one time, when he knocked some guys teeth out, when he messed up a tattoo. „It’s simple – if you fuck me up, I’ll fuck you up.“

So I added the „an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth“ philosophy and asked if he was happy with the design. He gave me permission, I was happy to do my first tattoo and since I still have my teeth, I think he is happy too.

heart of issue

first tattoo


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